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Beyond Energy Efficient!

Built to Passive House Standards


Massive Energy Savings

Massive Energy Savings

We can build ZERO-energy homes

Low to zero energy bills!

Warm & Dry

Warm & Dry

At least 200C

In every room, all day every day

Healthy, Fresh Air

Super Filtered

Fantastic for allergy sufferers

What is a Passive House?


Passive House Design

Well-known internationally and perfectly suited to New Zealand climatic conditions, Passive House Standards revolve around these core design elements:


  • Supreme Comfort & Air Quality

  • Superior Insulation Performance

  • High Performance Windows and Doors

  • Airtightness

  • Optimised solar gains

  • Ventilation with Heat recovery

  • Energy Efficient Lighting, Appliances & Devices

  • Renewable Energy (e.g. Roof Solar PV Panels)




Edge Innovation Renovations

Homes & Light Commercial

Our environment deserves it too

It needs all the help it can get! Do the planet a favour - low energy means less impact.

What is it like to live in a Passive House?


Fantastic - SO comfortable to live in!

Your Passive House will be far superior to standard New Zealand homes; warmer, drier, healthier.
It’s a ‘no-brainer’: Passive House design is great for our comfort, health, environment… And energy bills!

Edge Innovation New Builds

Homes & Light Commercial

Built to Passive House Standards

In addition to Renovation and Interior Design projects, Edge Innovation focuses on building to Certified Passive House Standards, and Remodelling/Renovating/Retrofitting to Certified EnerPHit Standards.


PHI Low Energy Building Standard: This additional Standard (introduced by the Passive House Institute in 2016) may be attained by buildings which are not able to fully comply with all Certification criteria, but are still highly energy efficient

Renovations & Retrofits to EnerPHit Standards

Edge Innovation revamp and remodel homes and Light Commercial buildings, incorporating Passive House design techniques. This vastly improves thermal and energy efficiency, warmth, comfort and air quality - the health benefits are astounding! It will also add more value to your property, and be very attractive to buyers or tenants looking for the energy savings and many other benefits of energy efficient design.





Before you sign up with a building company,

we highly recommend you talk to us first!

Edge Innovation is based in, but not limited to Christchurch and Canterbury.

We’re passionate about sharing our knowledge of Passive House design - wherever you are in New Zealand, if you’re interested in building to Passive House Standards, or Renovating to EnerPHit Standards, contact us.

Passive House Institute of New Zealand

PassivHaus Institute